It's as easy as taking a picture with your phone.EASY.
Forget waiting, snap and pay when you're ready to go.FAST.
Your phone never leaves your hand.SECURE.
Request a Demo.GET THE APP.

Snap Pay Go

Reward Yourself

- Snap It Go is the only mobile payment and reward program created for independent, local restaurants. -

Fast and Secure

Customers pay at the table when they're ready, making the checkout process easier than ever.
Snap It Go uses multiple layers of security, ensuring the data is safe.

Automatic Rewards

With Snap It Go there's no need to sign up for a separate loyalty program.
You decide how to reward your customers and we do the rest.

Setup is Easy

Don't worry about managing multiple payment systems.
The app integrates seamlessly with your POS, making it easy to track sales.

How it works


Your server drops off the check.
Open the app and
take a photo of the code.
It's that's easy.


Pay when you're ready to go.
Add a tip or split the check
— you decide who
and how much to pay.


Getting rewards is easy!
With the Snap It Go app,
they're built in.
There's no sign up needed.

Available for Android
and IOs users

Download Snap It Go to
immediately start earning rewards.
Request a Demo to learn
how Snap It Go can make it easy
to accept mobile payments and
reward your customers.


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