A service to maintain and recover lost customers and more

What tools are you using to make sure you don't lose more than you gain?

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2 of 3 businesses

Close within the first year!

This happens because new customers decrease over time and it is difficult to attract new ones.

9 of 10 businesses

Close within the first 5 year!

Snap It Go will help maintain, recover and increase your custormer base

The most important thing is not how much I sold today or my inventory expenses for the week, but rather ensuring that today's customers keep coming back.

How does Snap It Go help
RETAIN customers?

We know this
bothers you

No one likes waiting

How many times do you open the door to a place and find a long line of people waiting? Does that keep you from entering? Do you wait or do you decide to go to elsewhere? You have to make a decision and it will probably be to go to another place.

The long lines at establishments, the problems that come up when you want order and the inconvenience during the payment process, keep you from entering businesses.

Eliminate the line, don't waste time and lose out on opportunities

Staff under stress generate negative experiences

With frequent turnover, under trained staff create a stressful environment, thus delivering bad service and you having to experience their shortcomings. You prefer not to participate and never return.

Improve the working environment and gain loyalty from your customers

This could be happening
in your business

With Snap It Go gain control with easy, functional and proven tools.

The new and advanced POS solution.

Snap Service

A new way to interact and connect with the services of your favorite places using your smart device.

New and Advanced
POS Solution

Multi-format, use traditional terminals, tablets or mobile devices

Staff POS

With high mobility your staff can place orders instantly where ever they are, without limitations.

Customer Payments

From any smart device customer can access the bill in real time, with a simple click the bill is paid.

Built in Pickup and Delivery

View Menu and Order

From the comfort of their home or office, customers can place orders and pay with easy.

Advance Functionality with Self Service


By simply scanning a QR code with any smart device, you will access services or an interactive menu with eye-catching products.


Forget looking for a staff member to helped you, order instantly whenever you want, without limitations.


From your smart device keep track of the bill in real time, with a simple click the bill is paid.

Provide a unique experience to both your customers and the staff

Connect with the services of your favorite places


Reserve tables and notify customers automatically


Know, interact and retain your customers


Without registration and multifaceted

Point of Sale

Mobile, World Class


Multiple methods
Pay at the Table

Delivery / Pickup

Menu prices, no commissions

More Visibility, Clients and Sales

A new way of providing service at restaurants, hotels, bars, stadiums and more. Take and receive orders, payments and everything from a smart device. Eliminate lines, barriers, slow service and achieve more opportunities, visibility, customers and sales. Improve your business with the best technology, customer analysis and more.

Do more by doing less



Select your monthly sales volume, approx.



Additional Modules


$100 a month

Gift cards

$50 a month


$50 a month

Inventory Control

From $25 a month


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